How to use the Stats app

The GolfBros Stats app works like no other golf app. It does not require you to logon or expose your integrity in any way. All data is stored locally on you iPhone or iPad. It is your stats that is stored on your iPhone. If your iPhone goes belly-up you should have a backup of your Iphone (that will also restore your GolfBros Stats data).

GolfBros is NOT collecting any of your data. Your app does not require you to be connected to Internet.

By simply recording some few data of your round you will be able to understand 20+ golf-KPI’s of you game (KPI = Key Performance Indicator like ”Fairway hits” or ”Green in Regulation”).

The home-screen looks like this:

The 4 most important KPI’s are presented. You can select period so you can understand progress over time of your golf.

The list of recorder rounds looks like this:

Basic iPhone gestures work so if you want to remove a round, just swipe left and press delete (it will be gone forever). The information-icon will take you to a short summary of the round.

Add a new round or select an existing round will take you to the input-screen:

The usage of the input-screen is as simple as possible. You do not need to worry about saving your data. The hole-number indicator also works to forward you one hole. Just tap in the date and course name to edit.

If you are only playing 9 or 12 holes, use the switch in thed bottom of the screen to indicate.

Between the previous- and next-buttons there will sometimes be an indicator that some of your input is inconsistent. Just correct and the indication will go away.

When you are not hitting Green in Regulation (this means 1 stroke for Par 3’s, 2 strokes (or less) for Par 4’s and 3 strokes (or less) for Par 5’s) you have a possibility to indicate your remaining distance to green with the Approach-indicator.

There are 2 possibilities to indicate result of your first putt. The arrows left, straight and right is the indication of direction. The other control gives you a possibility to indicate length of your first putt.

The result of your efforts in recording your rounds is presented on this screen:

All the KPI’s are explained on a separate page.

The headers can be expanded or collapsed just by tapping on them. You scroll through the stats as you prefer. You can select period in the bottom to see your progress over time.

The app uses several types of gauges to visualise the KPI. The most common one is the one to the left. The exact value of the KPI is expressed in the text. Depending on what type of KPI the thresholds for orange, yellow and green differs. The thresholds will not fit all golfers. The basic idea is to give you a graphic representation.

The directional gauge describes the distribution of left, straight and right strokes. The visualisation does not present the percentage of straight strokes, only the left and right percentages. The ”balls” are only 9 not to make this visualisation too complex. The position of the balls within the left, straight and right ”lanes” are random.

The length gauge (there is only one) describes distribution of length. Upper lane (22%) is long and lower lane (16%) is short.

The approach gauge visualises the distribution of yous approaches when not in GIR. Maybe not the best representation but please feedback if you think there are better ways.