GolfBros develops innovative apps for the interested golfer. The apps are intended to support you in your endeavours to improve your golf.

Golfbros has launched 3 apps for golfers:

  • Golfbros Stats – Record your rounds and get fantastic statistics
  • GolfBros Greenreader – Practice your skill in reading the green-inclination
  • GolfBros Swingpace – Practice the tempo of your swing

They spring from ideas to improve your golf using mobile devices. The Greenreader and Swingpace uses the sensors built into Apple’s iPhones. The Stats app is the most comprehensive app built by GolfBros and works stand-alone from Internet. GolfBros is NOT collecting any of your data, hence we do not have an integrity policy because we do not need it.

Feel free to contact us in any matters, wether is is positive feedback, suggestions of improvements or just comments on the potentials bugs we have in our apps.